Safety Training for Supervisors


More than 85% of workplace injuries are the result of unsafe acts.

Supervisors are in the best possible position to impact safety performance. The skills required, however, go beyond management practices involving enforcing rules and procedures. Supervisors must have the skills needed for employee buy-in, support, and commitment.

Our Supervisor Safety Training Workshop provides instruction in the basics of safety leadership. To build credibility and gain influence among direct reports, supervisors must be respected and consistently demonstrate certain behaviors. This course is about what employees see in their supervisor, why it's important, and how to use this information to improve safety leadership.  

Supervisor safety training objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what "felt leadership" in safety is
  • Understand what employees must see in their supervisor to have respect for them
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively engage with employees for the purpose of addressing unsafe or at-risk behaviors

Training that fits your schedule

We can provide training in a variety of formats to fit your unique needs. Our courses are designed specifically for leaders in labor-intensive industries, which we know can be both fast-paced and diverse. Contact us about in-person or virtual training. Virtual training can also be self-paced through our Online Learning Academy.

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