Coaching & Mentoring Supervisors

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Set your future leadership team up for success.

Our mission is to enable transformation. We do this by focusing on the specific needs of front-line supervisors. Sometimes, the support required must come from within the organization. When that's the case, we can help. 


Program Overview


Providing Direction

Consumer preferences are shifting. Market conditions are constantly changing. Your employees expect executive leaders of your organization to do what's necessary to remain competitive. 

In this session, we discuss the mission and vision statements. We also outline the details needed for strategic planning related to competitive positioning and business goal alignment.


Demonstrating Integrity

Employees will not follow a cause alone. They will, however, readily follow leaders with a cause they can help support and believe in. For executive leaders, integrity is a trait that employees expect you to have.

In this session, we demonstrate why integrity is so essential to your (and your organization's) success, and how you can convey this critical skill to your employees.


Mentoring Support

Change starts at the top, is executed in the middle, and is put into practice on the shop floor. As an executive leader, your role in achieving desired outcomes is different than that of others. For you, getting results is about supporting and mentoring the middle managers who will ultimately drive change.

This session explores roles, responsibilities, and keys to success when implementing change initiatives.

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