Change Management Training

Workers talking on oil rig

Change is inevitable. Success is not.

Making a shift happen isn't easy. On average, 70% of all change initiatives fail to meet desired objectives. When supervisors aren't involved and the workforce isn't engaged, the rate of success drops to just 3%.

At AEU LEAD, we focus on the needs of those in the middle. As it relates to change management, the skills required for success vary according to the position. While executives set direction, supervisors are responsible for implementing and executing it. 

Our change management training provides the process and communication skills required to get employee buy-in, alignment, and commitment for making needed transitions.

Change management training objectives

  • Demonstrate the ability to get buy-in from employees for the needed change
  • Learn how to engage with employees for the purpose of gaining alignment on direction and path forward
  • Demonstrate the skills required to gain the needed commitment from employees in order to be able to implement and adopt change

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