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Skip the classroom. Train from anywhere.

Our Online Learning Academy is a virtual training series comprised of 26 micro-learning courses, focusing specifically on developing your supervisors.  Each micro-learning course will take the learner no more than five minutes to complete, ensuring they have ample time to put the lessons learned into practice. 

We created these short online courses to address an issue we frequently hear: "We know we need training but simply don’t have the time to bring everyone together for it."

What is micro-learning?

Have you ever visited YouTube to quickly learn how to do something? That's an example of micro-learning in action. It was created to adjust to the learning needs of today's workers. This method of teaching delivers content in short, self-paced modules that enable students to train anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

Skill development that has an immediate impact.

Supported by a growing body of research, the most important skill that a supervisor can have is social intelligence, or the ability to effectively work with a diverse group of employees for a common purpose.

Soft skills are essential to the success of anyone who must achieve performance outcomes through others. AEU LEAD's Online Learning Academy for supervisors uses five-minute learning modules to guide supervisors on the path to becoming better leaders.

Our learning module topics include:

  • Connecting with employees
  • Demonstrating credibility
  • Preparing for the next generation of workers
  • and more!

The numbers don't lie: why bite-sized learning is more effective for your leaders


Transfer of knowledge

Micro-learning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient.

L&D professional prefer microlearning

8 out of 10 learning and development professionals prefer micro-learning because their learners prefer it

50 % more engagement

Micro-learning creates 50% more engagement 

Online learning

Learning in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity.

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