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Safety Training: Engaging Your Workforce

Workplace injuries are most often the result of employee actions, not conditions.  At-risk behaviors or those involving unnecessary levels of risks are predominantly the underlying cause. They have proven most problematic for those seeking improvements in safety performance.  The answer isn't more rules or procedures or a strategy to improve upon the effectiveness of management practices already in place.  The key to success is reaching employees more effectively and preparing supervisors to lead the effort.

Safety Engagement Workshop Overview

The purpose of the offering is to reduce the frequency of at-risk behaviors occurring on the job site or shop floor.  The process used takes into account how most decisions are made.  To get employees to change their behaviors, you must change how they feel about them.  Rules and procedures alone aren't enough, and training to convey critical information seldom achieves desired outcomes.  The key to success is involving the employee in the process, collaborating with them in a manner that connects, and supporting changes in behavior until they occur automatically.  Those completing the workshop will be provided with the skills needed to achieve these objectives and will be prepared to help bring about the next change in safety performance for your organization.

Why Do Employees Take Chances? 

As it turns out, this is a fundamental question.  Based on recent advancements in neuroscience, we now know why.  Modern safety practices are built on the assumption that logic and reason are the basis of decisions made and actions taken.  As it turns out, that's not the case.  In most instances, we decide and act subconsciously, based on how we feel about the situation or circumstances involved.  This process occurs automatically and intuitively and is shaped over time through experience.  Affecting desired changes in employee behaviors requires a different set of skills. It begins with an understanding of communication techniques that reach and connect with employees more effectively.

Learn About AEU LEAD's Safety Engagement Workshops 

We have a tremendous amount of experience in helping companies improve their safety performance and look forward to doing the same for you.  To learn more or to get started, contact us for a free consultation.




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