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The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.
Executive Leadership Training

Organizational change starts at the top.  The skills required for executives to lead an organization from its current to a desired future state are people-oriented and transformational.  More important than ever before, transformational skills are the key to growth, improvement, and sustainability in the 21st century.

Our Executive Leadership Workshop is both principally sound and practical in application.  This course is based on adult learning principles and has an interactive format, primarily involving group dialogue and discussion.  This workshop will provide a higher order of learning involving critical reflection and realignment. 

The Advantages of our Executive Leadership Workshop 

Our Executive Leadership Workshop will provide organizational and operational direction for needed transitions.  This workshop will help you lead from a position of integrity through actions and behaviors and support middle managers by involving them in the strategic planning and change management process.  During the course, we will cover the following topics:

Providing Direction

Change is a new reality.  Organizations must find ways to adjust in real-time to shifting consumer preferences and constantly evolving market conditions.  Employees expect competency and demonstrated results from executive leadership.  They also expect realignment and positioning strategies to remain competitive in an increasingly unforgiving marketplace.  This session will discuss company mission and vision statements and outline details needed for strategic planning. This process will likely become integrated into ongoing business operations.

Demonstrating Integrity

Employees don't follow worthy causes.  They follow worthy leaders with a cause they can believe in and support.  Leadership at the top is different.  The single most important trait or characteristic for executives is integrity.  In this session, we'll discuss what your employees must see in you to be recognized as having this critical skill and explain why it's essential to your success as a leader and an organization.

Showing Support

While change starts at the top, it's executed and implemented in the middle and embraced and adopted to practice on the shop floor.  In this session, we'll explore roles and responsibilities and discuss keys to success in making needed transitions.  The role of executives in achieving the desired outcomes is very different from others within the organization. It's less transactional and more transformational.  For executive leadership, getting results is about giving support to those interacting directly with key stakeholders within the organization.

Learn About AEU LEAD's Executive Leadership Workshops

So why partner with AEU LEAD for Executive Leadership Training? We can help you build a stronger team from the TOP that is better equipped to communicate effectively and lead direct reports. If you are ready to take the next step in building a better team, learn more about how AEU LEAD can help. 




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