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Top AEU LEAD Blogs of 2021
Jan 5, 2022 - AEU LEAD

We launched our blog in 2018 to provide guidance to supervisors and managers at all levels in their journey to becoming stronger leaders. We’ve covered performance management, building influence with direct reports, coaching for desired results, effective communication.

Here are our 10 most popular articles of 2021. We look forward to continuing to use this blog to share our experiences and help you grow as a leader.


  1. 10 Qualities of an Excellent Team Player
    For the second year in a row, this article is our most-read article of the year. Teamwork is an essential part of workplace success. It is not a fixed trait but rather one that can be learned and developed. Here are 10 qualities that can make you a better team player.
  2. Since most workplaces now have employees representing nearly every generation, managers can get a head start by understanding how each generation generally prefers to receive feedback - both constructive and positive.

  3. Soft skills are about people; hard skills are about procedures and processes. Both types are important and required for companies to succeed. For managers wanting to have an impact on others, soft skills are key. 
  4. Miscommunications are the root cause of many failures within organizations. Learning how to share information effectively with direct reports is a critical skill for any supervisor or manager. (This article is also available as an infographic.)
  5. A supervisor who is effective at training and coaching employees will skyrocket the team’s productivity. The idea is simple: a well-trained team is a good team. 
  6. To succeed, change initiatives must have the support and buy-in of all employees. Building strategic plans with their input and involvement is not only important – it’s essential to achieving desired outcomes.
  7. Leadership can mean different things depending on the person, situation, and circumstances. In this article, we look at it from the perspective of influencing others and making the distinction between authority and influence.
  8. Safety performance is about connecting with and having an impact on how employees feel, and not just what they might think about at-risk behaviors. 
  9. Leadership on the front line requires more than authority and edict.  It requires influence.  Like the sun, you can often get more results when you rely on warmth instead of strength. 
  10. Performance outcomes are often the result of actions and behaviors and are human-centric. For change initiatives to succeed, they must be accepted by and adopted to practice by the workforce.
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